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Five Letter Words -Or- What's the point of Wordle?

Earlier this year, I started noticing people posting about “Wordle” on Facebook. The posts would include the now familiar to many of us lines of grey, green and yellow blocks. I am usually skeptical of anything that goes viral, so it took me a few weeks to give it a try. When I finally did, I was hooked!



I was amazed at how intuitive the game was. I chose my first “starter” word and I was off and running. As I am writing this blog post, I have played Wordle 45 times and have solved 100% of the puzzles (full disclosure – I have had hints on a couple of particularly difficult words!).

It was refreshing to see something go viral that is harmless and actually builds a sense of community!

During Lent, we will consider what lessons we can learn from this simple game and how those lessons are related to our Lenten and Christian journey. My first thought was that while each of us may begin in a different place and follow a different path, we can still all end up at the same destination!

As we join on this journey together, our daily words and weekly gatherings will continue to reveal more lessons along the way.

Together we are the Church,



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